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RSL Woden Valley Sub-branch

Welfare Services


Community Support services are provided through the Veteran Support Centre. We can liaise with Federal and ACT agencies, organisations and other ex-service organisations to help provide welfare services.

Hospital Visiting: Every Thursday one or two volunteers visit each of the three southern hospitals, Canberra, John James Memorial and Canberra Capital Private. We aim to visit every veteran, RSL member and Legacy widow and widowers. Please contact the Veterans Liaison Officer if you are hospitalised at any of these hospitals.

Hospice Visiting: Visits can be arranged for Sub-Branch members in Clare Holland House.

Christmas Visits: In December each year, all Sub-Branch members 80 years of age and over, and all Sub-Branch widows and widowers receive a home visit and a gift from our volunteers.

The Branch and our sub-branches provide for the general welfare of members and their dependants in need. Welfare officers are available to advise on all aspects, such as Gold and White Cards, travel, Veterans Home Care, residential care, HACC services, DVA Housing and financial information. 

Call us on (02) 6285 1931 for an appointment or visit us at the Grant Cameron Community Centre,27 Mulley Street, HOLDER ACT.