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Woden Valley Sub-Branch Membership

How to join



Woden Valley RSL Sub-Branch offers its members a range of services and benefits.Any person who has served in the Australian Defence Force, or served with or supported or was otherwise engaged with the Australian Defence Force or the Armed Forces of its Allies, for at least 6 months, or any other person provided for in the By-Laws, may be admitted to Service Membership. If you have any queries about your Membership, please contact the Sub-Branch Office

Membership Types

Service Member $40.00 per annum- Service Member. Please download and fill in the "Service Membership" form. A copy of the Privacy Policy is attached for you to keep.

Affiliate Member: $40.00 per annum. Affiliate Membership is available to those who are family of current serving or past serving members, such as partners, parents or grand-parents who were entitled to be members in their own right.  .

Associate Membership: $12.00. Associate Membership is offered where you are already a member of another RSL branch and wish to also be a member of Woden Valley RSL Sub-Branch.  

Transfer Membership. If you already have a current financial membership of another Sub-Branch and wish to transfer that Membership to Woden Valley RSL Sub-Branch, you are able to do so free of charge, provided that your membership fees are financial for the current year with that Branch.

If you wish to discuss your membership before completing the form, feel free to contact our Sub-Branch Office on (02)6285 1931. Office hours are Monday-Friday 10:00 to 14:00.

If you would prefer to have us send out your forms to you, please email us at